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Make a comparison of the results in their hands, and they quickly put them in an order. As the team director said, Li Jingyuan was the first. It was confirmed with my own eyes that the news could not be more true. Bwahahahaha ~ ~ ~! Park Myung-soo burst out laughing at this time, usually sounds like a crow call of laughter, it does not sound so harsh, but is more forthright feeling. As excited as Park Myung-soo, the rest of the tent celebrated. Li Xiaoli this elder sister's reaction is the most direct, she immediately suggested to the crowd: "This is really good news ah, too happy ~!"! No, we must drink to celebrate. How can I drink when I take part in the competition? Drivers can't drink in order to keep in shape, and the staff can't drink. They have to repair the car every day, and if they drink until they feel dizzy, they may make a little mistake in their work. For the drivers who drive the car, this mistake is likely to lead to disaster. Just like marching and fighting, we must keep a clear mind and good physical condition, and there must be no alcoholic drinks in the convoy. Maybe some people want to say, isn't there a bottle of champagne after winning the championship? Champagne isn't wine? This is not F1. Every day to race, every day there is a stage champion, if every day to a medal ceremony, it is too much trouble. And for most drivers, the most important thing after the race is to rest. Where there is extra physical strength to engage in any ceremony. Therefore, the Dakar Rally will have a big medal ceremony only after the final race is over and the championship is decided. During the whole competition, there will be no such thing as champagne. It's common sense and prohibition not to drink. Not only the professional staff are very clear, but also the artists like Li Xiaoli. But this time is really too happy,Sex Enhancement Powder, so she will subconsciously ignore this rule, directly put forward the suggestion of drinking to celebrate. After saying that, I realized something was wrong. Knowing that he had said the wrong thing, Li Xiaoli thought that the team manager would criticize him by name. How interesting. Ok, you can drink a little tonight. Unexpectedly, the team director not only did not criticize Li Xiaoli, but nodded and echoed. "Hey?" "Tomorrow is a rare day of rest, so it doesn't matter if you drink a little tonight, as long as you don't drink too much and don't delay things." After a smile, the team director gave the reason to the surprised crowd. The course of the Dakar Rally is very hard, and it takes more than ten days to run. The riders have to run more than 9000 kilometers altogether. The mileage is long, but the journey of 9000 kilometers is full of difficulties. This further increases the difficulty. If you don't rest for a day and run the whole race continuously, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, even an iron man may not be able to stand it. Moreover, long-term fatigue driving is more likely to lead to accidents. In order to give drivers a chance to breathe in the tense race, and also to relax and restore their physical strength, every Dakar Rally will set one or two rest days in the race schedule. Tomorrow, January 8th. It is the first rest day of this competition. During the rest day, the team's technicians will be busier than usual, because they will take advantage of this time to overhaul the car. After half of the race, the car is bound to have some problems. Minor problems can be solved immediately after returning to the camp, but more troublesome problems. Maybe it can't be repaired because of lack of time. To deal with these more difficult problems, all teams are the same approach. Use some temporary tricks to deal with it first, wait until the rest day, and then have a thorough overhaul. Technicians will be busier. On the other hand, the drivers will be very relaxed. No pick in the motorcade, the artists are to take care of a few people, Li Jingyuan they relaxed, then the artists naturally have nothing to do, accordingly, they will also get some rest time. It is precisely because there is nothing for these artists to do that the team director will be very generous to lift the prohibition of alcohol. "Can you really drink?" Li Xiaoli still couldn't believe it, and then after the team director nodded again, she shouted happily: "Long live ~ ~!" Well, this period of time is also suffocated Li Xiaoli. This elder sister is not only shooting a soju advertisement, she actually loves drinking. Since I came to Argentina, I haven't touched alcohol for nearly half a month. It's really hard for Li Xiaoli to hold back. Drink Just as Li Xiaoli shouted happily, another man came in at the door of the tent. It was none other than Li Jingyuan who had just taken a bath. This guy was wiping his head with a towel, so he didn't hear Li Xiaoli's words clearly, and felt a little curious, so he interrupted and asked. Kyung-won, you're here! As soon as Li Jingyuan appeared, the team supervisor immediately reacted and snatched the report card from Piao Mingxiu's hand again. While handing it to Li Jingyuan, he informed him of the good news: "Look, look quickly ~!"! You're number one! "Huh?" As soon as Li Jingyuan heard this sentence, he was stunned at that time, and it took him a while to react. He put the towel on his shoulder, did not care to wipe his hair, and immediately took the report card and looked at it. Ha ha ha ha! After confirming that he was the champion of the stage, Li Jingyuan's heart was filled with excitement and surprise, and he couldn't help laughing happily. Hey, there are more happy things. Seeing that Li Jingyuan was so happy, the team director went on to say that after Li Jingyuan and others turned their attention,Quillaja Saponin, he cleared his throat and announced loudly: "Not only the champion of the sub-stage, Jingyuan, you are now the first in the total score ~!!" 。