Crane Spectrum Born in Wolong

Crane Spectrum Born in WolongCrane Spectrum Born in WolongCrane Spectrum Born in Wolong


It was beyond the expectation of Dasheng Toutuo that he asked so patiently. Finally, he couldn't help shouting, "Almsgiver Feng, why are you asking so many questions?"? This girl has broken our hearts. It's obvious to all. Can't we just get back to the festival? Feng Leipi grinned and snorted, "Monk, it's not too late for us to ask about everything before we do it." After a pause, he turned to Fang Xueyi and said, "Brother, are you Fang Tiancheng's son?" Fang Xueyi suddenly said angrily, "No!" Feng Lei was stunned for a moment. He couldn't figure out why Fang Xueyi suddenly became angry. He frowned and said, "Why are you angry, brother?"? Feng didn't seem to say anything wrong? Fang Xueyi smiled coldly and said, "Are you determined to help the witches contend for hegemony in Wulin that day?" He suddenly came out with such a rhetorical question, which made Feng Lei's heart shake more and more. "Things are getting more and more complicated," he said. But he said, "Do you know the devil girl?" Fang Xueyi snorted coldly, "It's none of your business. All you have to do is answer my question." Feng Lei seemed to be awed by his momentum and blurted out, "Do you still need to ask?"? Now that Feng has come to Luoyang, of course, he has come to help her by appointment! Fang Xueyi raised her eyebrows and said, "Very good!"! You and an Xiandi first to expose the festival, just have other things to ask! Da Shengtou suddenly gave a loud shout and said,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, "Yes, I'll take this girl down first!" Suddenly he dodged forward, and across Fang Xueyi, he grabbed An Xiaoping. Fang Xueyi would stop Dasheng Toutuo first, but at the moment he sat still, watching Dasheng Toutuo grab An Xiaoping, with a smile on his face. The power of Dasheng Toutuo's grasp seemed to be the Eagle Claw Skill. His right hand flashed with lightning, and a strong wind of persuasion came through his clothes. An Xiaoping looked extremely calm,30ml Dropper Bottle, until Dasheng Toutuo's finger had already touched her clothes, and then she sneered and pointed to the elbow of the big finger Toutuo. Suddenly, Dasheng Toutuo gave a violent cry and took five steps back in a row. Feng Lei frowned and said, "What's the matter with you, monk?" When Dasheng Toutuo pressed his right hand with one hand, he shouted, "What technique did this girl use?"? The right arm of the family seems to be finished. His face was angry, but he dared not go forward again. Feng Lei hesitated for a moment, only to see that the girl in the yellow shirt had already walked over. Her face was covered with frost, and her eyes were like sharp blades on An Xiaoping's face. "Are you using the Heavenly Heart Finger?" She screamed. An Xiaoping was stunned. "Who are you?" She asked? You How can you recognize Tianxin Finger? Half of the frost on the girl's face receded in an instant. "Is your surname Ann?" She whispered. "Not bad," said An Xiaoping! I've just said that! When the girl in the yellow shirt heard this, she smiled and said, "Master An, Lord of the Heart Island that day, who is this girl?" An Xiaoping opened her eyes wide and said, Amber Dropper Bottles ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, "My father!" The girl in the yellow shirt suddenly stepped forward. "So it's the young lady," she said! See you here, maidservant! She suddenly claimed to be a servant, and only listened to Ann Xiaoping in a daze! Liu Mei flashed and shook her head. "I don't know you," she said. "My maidservant Bi Qiupeng, my mother Zifeng, and the maid in the old lady's room of the young lady's grandmother," said the girl in the yellow shirt. "Do you remember?" An Xiaoping was stunned for a moment. She lowered her head and thought for a moment. "Is Aunt Zi your mother?" She asked. "Do you remember, Miss?" Asked Bi Qiulian with a smile. "Are you Uncle Bi's daughter?" Said An Xiaoping with a smile. "It's the servant," said Bi Qiulian. An Xiaoping gave a cheer and said, "How is Uncle Bi?"? He Where is it now? I haven't seen him for a long time! Bi Qiulian's face suddenly darkened. "Miss," she said, "my father is dead!" An Xiaoping was taken aback and asked, "Has Uncle Bi passed away?"? Why haven't I heard? "Not long after Dad passed away," said Bi Qiulian, "I'm afraid the young lady will have left Tianxin Island by the time the messenger arrives on the island." "So that's it," said An Xiaoping! Where's Aunt Purple? Where is she? "My mother lives in Putuo," said Bi Qiulian. "Since my father died three months ago, my hair has been cut and I have become a monk." With a look of disappointment on her face, An Xiaoping sighed and said, "I can't believe it!"! How could Aunt Zi become a monk? With a slight blush on her face, Bi Qiulian said in a low voice, "Miss, I don't understand.." As soon as she changed her voice, she turned to Feng Lei and said, "Uncle Feng, Uncle Chi's revenge cannot be avenged!" Feng Lei listens to two people to answer, in the heart already understood, the iron fan Chi Biao wears the cheek the hatred, already did not expect to retrieve the face! So he heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Niece Xian, this Miss An is now the master of Tianxin Island." Bi Qiulian said, "The island owner and his wife have passed away. The young lady is the only flesh and blood of the island owner and his wife. Of course it's the island owner!" Toutuo suddenly answered, "The Sa family thinks that since this female benefactor is the Lord of Tianxin Island, we don't have to haggle with her." Feng Lei lost his voice and said, "Do you still need to say that?" Turning to Bai Ying, he said, "Madam, we can't take revenge on Brother Chi." Bai Yingfen's face was full of tears, and she did not speak, nor did she turn off or shake her head, which made people wonder what kind of worry she had on her mind! Bi Qiulian waited for a while and didn't see her speak. She seemed to be very unhappy. "Why don't you speak, Sister Bai?" She screamed? Did you hear what Uncle Feng said? There was a lot of anger in Bai Ying's eyes, but she did not break out because she had a great taboo and dared not disrespect the owner of "Tianxin Island". So when Bi Qiulian asked, she immediately lowered her head and said, "Yes!"! Little sister don't have to force me, I understand that I can't revenge! "Thank you.." said Bi Qiulian. When An Xiaoping heard their answers, she felt a little strange and said with a low smile,glass cream jars, "Sister Bi, if she is not convinced, I am not afraid that she will seek revenge from me!" "How dare she?" Asked Bi Qiulian. "Why doesn't she dare?" Asked An Xiaoping? But is she too bad at martial arts? 。