Gu Ming is also extremely surprised, not to mention anything else, such a touch without looking at the action, in judging whether it is true or false above that is absolutely beneficial to her, with her left hand power, as long as a touch, is a real antique or a fake antique nothing does not know. It's just that it's not complete to judge whether the things in the box are real antiques or fake antiques. What's in the box and what age it belongs to are also very important. Gu Ming stared at the two big wooden boxes on the long table, feeling a little strange. He did not understand how the organizers could get along with such an appraisal method. In this way, he did not know how many appraisers had to guess. He could not directly see the shape, decoration, or even the color of things. It was very difficult to give the correct appraisal results. Judging from the requirements given by the organizers, it is really hard to see whether there is any partiality. After all, everyone is the same and can only be touched but not seen. Although what happened yesterday made Gu Ming feel that the organizers were really uncomfortable when dealing with things, they must not have had the courage to make an issue of the exchange meeting. If you are really playing tricks on this, I'm afraid this is not an exchange meeting between East and West appraisers, and it will be good if there is no meeting between East and West appraisers. Soon, the host announced that the appraiser could come forward to touch, because there were two boxes,Kava Root Extract, so the Eastern appraiser and the Western appraiser each touched the contents of a box first, and then exchanged them. Do not know how to arrange the seating order of this exchange meeting, Gu Ming and Liu Hui are in the back, while Song Yao and Su Mei are in the front. Gu Ming glanced at the Western appraiser's seat and found that Kathleen and Gail were also at the back of the line. Can you guess what's in it? While waiting in line, Gu Ming lowered his voice to Liu Hui. Liu Hui glanced at the big wooden box on the long table and whispered, "I think one box is filled with things from the East, and the other box is filled with things from the West." "I think so,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, too." Gu Ming smiled at Liu Hui and then went on to say, "I still think the box I saw first should be filled with Western things." Liu Hui Wen Yan slightly raised his eyebrows and did not say much, which was to agree with Gu Ming's statement. Soon, in front of the six pairs of appraisers have been touched, Gu Ming and Liu Hui went up together. Originally Liu Hui wanted to be the same as before, but Gu Ming touched it first, but before he opened his mouth, Gu Ming stepped back and motioned Liu Hui to go first. Liu Hui froze for a moment, then put his hand into the box and began to touch it slowly. In fact, as far as Gu Ming is concerned, it is not so much a big wooden box as a medium-sized box on the long table. But this box is a bit special, the opening is not at the top, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, but facing the appraiser's side, when the appraiser reaches in to touch, the black flannelette that covered the box before plays a very good role in covering, so that people will not see what is inside the box. Liu Hui touched it for a while, then retreated to one side and gave the space to Gu Ming. Gu Ming is not wordy, went to the front of the box, next to the staff thoughtfully lifted the black flannelette covering the box a little, in order to facilitate Gu Ming to put his hand into the box. As soon as the hand reached in, Gu Ming felt his hand touch some cloth strips of the same material as the flannelette covering it, which seemed to be hanging on the box facing her side. Gu Ming slightly curled his lips, presumably this is the second guarantee of the organizers to prevent others from peeking. Through the so-called second guarantee, Gu Ming's right hand first touched something that felt cold, and the next moment her left hand also touched something cold, but just after her left hand felt cold, the next moment there was a relatively hot heat on her hand, and at the same time an indescribable joy rose in her heart. There were also some confused voices from the bottom of my heart. The voice was not only vague, but also intermittent, and if you listen carefully, it was a bit like a child singing a happy ditty, and the ditty seemed to be sung in English. But this is not the point of Gu Ming, she thought there was only one thing in this box, who knows now a touch to find that there is more than one thing in this box, she probably touched, found that there are four things in this box. This really surprised her. She touched one by one with her left hand and found that one of the four things touched by her left hand would not be hot, while the other three would be hot, and the indescribable joy would rise in her heart, and the same vague and intermittent cheerful exotic ditties would come from her heart. Gu Ming kept the expression on his face unchanged and stroked the four things in the box with his thin hand. With the exception of the non-feverish thing, there was a vague and intermittent foreign tune coming from everything else, which was undoubtedly what she had guessed belonged to the West before, and there should be some connection between the three things, otherwise it would not be possible. However How can it be like this? Are these three things in one set? But what about the thing that won't heat up? Is it a fake hidden in the whole set? Gu Ming murmured in her heart, but the movements on her hands were not slow. She touched a bowl-shaped thing. Of the four things in the box, only this one would not be hot, nor would there be any strange feeling. From this, it could be judged that this thing was not an antique. From its feel, it seems to be a glass product, the edge of the bowl feels high and low, it seems to be lace, the outside of the bowl is also uneven, if you feel carefully, you can feel that the outside of those uneven places is decorated with flowers,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, it is estimated that it is a glass flower bowl. Because this glass flower bowl is not hot, Gu Ming did not care too much, and immediately paid attention to the things next to it.