Hollow Man _ Hanzhao

Hollow Man _ HanzhaoHollow Man _ HanzhaoHollow Man _ Hanzhao


Qi Zheng asked behind him, "Where is Tiantian?" At my mother's house. Where is Qi Rong? "Sleep at home." Ding Lanxin stared back at him: "Why don't you have a long memory?" "Qi Rong asked me to come." Qi Zheng is not anxious, said, "He knows today is your birthday, must ask me to buy you a birthday cake, he said he would not run around again, he is my brother, I believe him." Ding Lanxin did not know what Qi Zheng was telling the truth and asked, "How is Qi Rong recently?" This question gave Qi Zheng a headache. He decided to tell the truth: "It's not very good. It seems that I have changed. I did my homework in a mess. I didn't talk much when I came home from school. I used to talk to me about my teachers and classmates at school. Now I don't talk about anything. Ask him and say it's all right. I was so anxious that he even went on a hunger strike for me.". His teacher in charge of the class called me a few days ago, saying that Qi Rong is often in a daze in class now, and he doesn't know when he calls up to answer questions. If it goes on like this, the final exam next month will be enough. "He has something on his mind." Ding Lanxin opened the door and walked into the yard. Qi Zheng stood outside the iron gate and looked at her back. Ding Lanxin swayed slightly and walked to the gate of the main house. She held her bag in her left hand, hooked the plastic bag of coffee cake with her fingers, and opened the door with her right hand. She never looked back, Qi Zheng finished a cigarette, looked around, everything was quiet, he sighed, felt that he should go. Turn around, have not walked a few steps, behind suddenly came a rush of footsteps,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, Qi Zheng has not reacted to come over, there is a person from behind hit him, hit him a stagger, and then, she hugged him from behind. Like a hungry python, it tries its best to entangle its prey. Qi Zheng wanted to turn around, but Ding Lanxin said, "Don't move." He stopped moving and stood there straight for her to hold from behind. She pressed her cheek against his broad back and closed her eyes to smell him. She thought it was her birthday and God would allow her to indulge once. She was more and more confused about what her feelings for him were,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, and he was, but she just wanted to get close. Ding Lanxin sometimes wondered why she was not the kind of woman who deviated from the classics and why she dared not throw everything away with him. Ye Bing is willing to die for him! Ding Lanxin did not dare, did not even think about it, she thought she was really a coward, is the most cowardly woman in the world. She held Qi Zheng in her arms for a long time before she spoke softly: "At the end of this semester, I will take Tiantian to Shanghai." Qi Zheng lowered his eyes: "I know." "They all told me not to go, but I wanted to go myself." "You are really more suitable for the job in the marketing department." Qi Zheng's tone is light, "just, you take Tiantian in Shanghai alone, will it be very hard?" "I'm not afraid of hard work." "Ding Lanxin, I didn't expect you to make such a decision. I didn't expect you to really dare to go." He gnashed his teeth, and Ding Lanxin smiled: "You look down on me." "Yes, I look down on you. I can't always guess what you're going to do." "You go and don't look back." Ding Lanxin let go of his hand, as if his heart had been hollowed out. She said: "Qi Zheng, oil dropper bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, take good care of yourself, take good care of Qi Rong, I am very happy to know you." He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. She and he seemed to be parting all the time, sometimes he watched her go, sometimes the other way around. Ding Lanxin stood in the middle of the road, watching Qi Zheng walk farther and farther, with his back slightly hunched, his left hand in his pocket, his right hand swinging casually around his body, holding a cigarette between his fingers. He really didn't look back or even speak again. Ding Lan thought that everything was over, Shao Jinwen, Luo Jinyuan, Cheng Four Seasons, Qi Zheng, all over. After leaving the city, she must start a new life, work hard and live a good life. As for whether she can find the person who is with her, Ding Lanxin is no longer demanding. At the end of June, Luo Yitian graduated from the middle class of kindergarten. Ding Lanxin entrusted her to her parents for the summer vacation and drove to Shanghai by herself. Shao Jinwen rented a two-bedroom apartment for her near the company, with high-grade decoration and checked in with bags. Ding Lanxin contacted the kindergarten where Tiantian was going to start school, and asked someone to hire a part-time worker aunt to help her do housework every day. Busy for a few days, everything is done, Ding Lanxin officially entered the post. Meixinning Pharmaceutical has a branch in Shanghai, except the East China Sales Department managed by Shao Jinwen, the headquarters of Finance Department, Marketing Department, Data Department, Product Department and other important departments are stationed here, which is the largest branch in China outside Beijing. Susie brought Ding Lanxin into the office of the marketing department and introduced her to her colleagues. Everyone welcomed her. Jin Yong, the manager of the marketing department, shook hands with Ding Lanxin: "Xiaoding, you should be mentally prepared to come to us. The marketing department is not easy at all. It is common to work overtime on business trips. It is definitely harder than being a supervisor in Fujiang." Ding Lanxin smiled: "Manager Jin, if I want to have leisure, I won't come here.". Coming all the way to Shanghai, I just want to study and do things well. "All right, come on." Ding Lanxin was assigned to a middle-aged man named Pan Yijian. The work of the marketing department was indeed very busy. All the marketing specialists were divided into districts to assist each district in carrying out marketing activities. However, all the approved meetings were followed by the marketing specialists. Usually, the meetings were held on weekends. Sometimes there was a meeting in Nanjing on Saturday and another meeting in Jinan on Sunday. The people in the marketing department will take the late-night train to Jinan after finishing all the meetings and checking out on Saturday evening. Apart from regional meetings, there are also national meetings, which are held all over the world. Pan Yijian told Ding Lanxin that in May and June, he hardly had a rest. Ding Lanxin has just been transferred and has not yet experienced such a busy time. Relatively speaking, she is relatively free and does not have to go to the hospital every day as before. Ding Lanxin bought some professional books and read them in her spare time. The hourly worker's aunt would cook for her every afternoon, and then after work, when Ding Lanxin came home, she could eat as long as she heated the food. Sometimes when she is in the mood, she will cook by herself, go to the market,Blue Bottle Serum, buy some fresh vegetables, fish and shrimp, and go home to wear an apron to cook and stew soup. penghuangbottle.com