Canghai IV

Canghai IVCanghai IVCanghai IVCanghai IV


Gu Ping suddenly stopped. She bumped her head into his arms and grabbed the jade hairpin, but snuggled up to it. She looked at the hairpin and said with a smile, "Brother, if you take it off, you must put it on me." Gu Kui glanced at Shi Miao-miao and saw that she looked cold and angry. "All right," he said with a smile, "wear it." Then she put a jade hairpin on Gu Ping. Shi Miao-miao saw that the two of them were intimate and gentle, and that they didn't look like brothers and sisters. She couldn't help standing up and shouting, "You!"! You Before he had finished speaking, his eyes were already red. "Don't take it seriously, Miaomiao," Gu said with a sigh. As he spoke, he tried to wipe away her tears, but Shi Miaomiao was resentful. He opened his hand and shouted, "Don't think that if you do a little good, you can offset your previous sins.." At this point, full of grievances suddenly, tears like a dike burst down. Gu Kui looked at Shi Miao-miao, feeling sad and angry in his heart, and was stunned. Then he heard the sound of sobbing again. He turned to look and saw Gu Ping's little mouth flat and her face full of tears. He frowned and said, "Ping, what are you crying for?" Gu Ping sobbed and said, "I, I don't know why. I just, I just want to cry.." Gu Kui secretly frowned, suddenly saw Shen Xiu squint at himself, his face full of schadenfreude,small gold wash plant, immediately backhand, give him a mouth. Seeing stars in her eyes, Shen Xiu said angrily, "My surname is Gu.." "Don't blame me, Brother Shen," he said with a smile. "Just now I saw a fly on your right cheek. It was big and black. It was so ugly that I couldn't help you. Oh, no, it flew to the left face again. Hand up and hand down, Shen Xiu left cheek pain, just know in the hands of the enemy,Carbon in Pulp, not to show off, immediately dejected, no longer make a sound. Gu Kui had been angry with Shen Xiu. He looked at Bai Xiangyao in a twinkling of an eye and saw that she was graceful and graceful, holding a cup of tea and tasting it carefully. Gu Kui stared at her for a moment and then said with a smile, "Bai Xiangyao, I know you don't say anything, but you're very happy in your heart. But remember one sentence. I'm sure I'll be able to wash away my grievances and return to the East Island." Speaking of the last sentence, the light in my eyes suddenly appeared, like lightning. Bai Xiangyao smiled faintly and said, "I don't know what you're talking about.". No matter what grudges you had before, you saved my life today. Xiangyao thanked you! Then Ying Ying got up and gave a gift to Gu. Gu Kui frowned and turned around and spat. Hearing the sound of knocking at the door, Shi and Gu were startled into tears. "Come in," said Gu with a smile, pinching the main point on the back of Shen Xiu's neck with her left hand. When he opened the door, he was a disciple of the Ministry of Heaven, holding a bamboo tube, neither advancing nor retreating. "What's the matter with you?" Asked Gu. "Give the letter to the young master," said the disciple, "from the master. Gu Kui smiled and said, tin beneficiation plant ,Portable gold trommel, "You get the letter out and I'll give it to you." The disciple looked at Shen Xiu and saw him nodding. He immediately pulled out the note in the tube and waved his hand. The note was excited by the wind of the palm and floated to the front of Gu. It hung in the air for a long time. Everyone is a Rin. I don't want a mere disciple of the Ministry of Heaven to have such power. Gu Kui, however, did not take it seriously and took the note and read: "The rebellion of the Ministry of the Earth includes the seven pictures of the Patriarch. It is better to reappear in the Middle Earth than to be empty. It is an extraordinary thing.". Disciples of Speed have come to Tianzhu Mountain to meet me. Don't be too late. After reading this, Gu Kui thought, "There is no doubt that the rebel of the Ministry of the Earth must be the great beauty of Yao. So she is in Tianzhu Mountain?"? She is in Tianzhu Mountain, and Lu Jian is not far away. Ning Bukong is the Lord of Lu Jian. The seven pictures are the source of disaster. With Ye Fan, all the difficulties are made together. Lu Jian is in danger. When a friend is in trouble, how can I sit back and watch? Then he hesitated for a moment. He looked up and saw his disciples looking around the room. His eyes twinkled. He said with a smile, "Tell Shen Zhouxu that Brother Shen will go to Tianzhu Mountain immediately." The disciple was stunned, looked at Shen Xiu, gritted his teeth, and turned to go. "Wait a minute," said Gu with a smile. He turned and said, "Bai Xiangyao, let me borrow your bracelet." Bai Xiangyao smiled, rolled up her sleeves, revealing a jade wrist, a suet jade bracelet on her wrist, curd casting snow, no flaws, but it was the same treasure. Bai Xiangyao took it off and handed it to Gu. "Don't you feel heartache?" Said Gu with a smile. Bai Xiangyao said with a smile, "What's so painful about giving it to your son?" "Who is your son?" Asked Gu with a sneer. He turned to the disciple of that day and shouted, "Then." Throw the bracelet over. The disciple took the bracelet that day, but he was very ignorant. "The night is cold and the dew is heavy," said Gu with a smile. "The brothers in front of and behind the house and on the roof of the house have been waiting for a long time. It's very hard. And exchange this bracelet for a few jars of good wine to warm your body. Disciples of the Ministry of Heaven were dumbfounded and their faces turned red. Originally he this excuse to send a letter, really want to take the opportunity to save Shen Xiu, he in front of the door to attract Gu Kui line of attention, and more than ten gold, silver two grade players, ambush up and down around, just wait for the people in the house to relax, immediately together into the room, snatch back Shen Xiu. However, Gu Kui looked at the private carelessly, but in fact he was on guard against it, so that there was no gap to enter. At this time, Gu Kui first drank the trick, and then gave the bracelet. The disciple did not feel confused. He looked at Gu's smiling face and his hand holding the bracelet trembled slightly until Gu waved his hand and said, "Go, go." Only then did he come to his senses and go away resentfully. As soon as the man left, Gu Ping couldn't help shouting, "Brother, you're crazy. Don't you know this bracelet?"? If you change money, you can buy ten such inns. "Isn't it just a stone?" Gu said carelessly? What's all the fuss about? Gu Ping'er pouted and fell to her feet, and she was very angry. The bracelet had been handed down from Bai Xiangyao's ancestors. She had loved it for a long time and had asked for it several times, but Bai Xiangyao had never given it to her, but she had asked for it and gave it away. She was very angry and shouted, "Mom, why did you give it to him just now?" Bai Xiangyao smiled and said, "You're right.". This bracelet is nothing more than a stone. If his mother didn't give it to him, he would laugh at her for being stingy, so he simply gave it to him so as not to be laughed at by him. Gu Kui clapped his hands and said with a smile, "Good temper." Bai Xiangyao smiled indifferently and kept silent. Shi Miao-miao, however, frowned thoughtfully. Suddenly she raised her eyes and stared at Gu. "How do you know there's an ambush all around the house?" She asked hesitantly? Do you really have an adventure, a great improvement in skill, and an extraordinary ear? It turned out that she was practicing hidden weapons, and her ears were very smart, but just now she only heard a little movement,gold CIP machine, which showed that all the people who came were first-class players, and with the ability of the valley, it was absolutely difficult to hear.