Elder Scrolls Online Gold Farming Guide in 2021

The bigger the amount of gold you can invest, the more potential profit you can count on. Of course, there’s some risk involved, for someone


Earning gold in the Elder Scrolls Online can be a difficult task. It requires time and effort. To add complexity to the matter, there are many different ways to earn Elder Scrolls Online Gold , and most people aren’t sure which is the most efficient path. There are several gold guides available to help people earn in ESO, but, some are obviously much better than others. So, which one is the best to invest in if you want to earn gold as quickly as possible?

Daily Quests

Let’s look at one of the easier ways of making gold. Daily quests are probably the best possible stable source of income for new players. Enforcing a habit of completing them every day is a great starting point. They’re not that time-consuming and they’ll reward you with some valuable items.

The income you’ll get out of them won’t be that high but it’s still worth it! Daily quests give players an option to earn a quick buck. That’s what they’re in the game for. Why not just make use of it?


One of the most specific features of MMORPGs as a genre of video games is the giant market of goods driven partly or completely by the players. No matter if it’s a piece of armor, a weapon or anything else, you will be able to sell it on the market. This allows players to become experts at trading and earn gold just by making good deals.

This is also the case for ESO. The biggest downside to this method for the new players is the requirement of some starting capital.

The bigger the amount of gold you can invest, the more potential profit you can count on. Of course, there’s some risk involved, for someone to make money on the market, there has to be someone else who’s losing it. The general idea is to take advantage of the players who don’t know the market or those who don’t care about the prices and just want to get rid of their items as soon as possible. Your goal is to find and purchase this stuff and then sell it for profit.

There are others looking for those bargains so you have to be quick, smart and a little bit lucky. I would recommend using some add-ons that were designed specifically to help with this stuff like Master Merchant. You might find them useful. Also remember, you will only be able to see your gold gains after your items are sold, so be patient.

Farming Bosses

Repeatedly killing bosses in easy dungeons and other zones can be a nice source of income. This is a great way to farm some gold by yourself. Get your character a serviceable solo PvE build and gear and go to the north-western part of Deshaan next to the entrance to Forgotten Crypts. Your goal is to run through Forgotten Crypts, killing all the bosses as fast as possible. In between those clears you can defeat some bosses in the surrounding areas. Run through Druitularg’s Ritual Altar, Dire Bramblepatch, Caravan Crest and Mabrigash Burial Circle. Kill the boss, collect loot and move to the next one. This will minimize your downtime and increase the income.

You can repeat those runs until your inventory is full. Remember that there’s an element of randomness with the loot, the bosses may drop some rare weapons and armor, but it won’t happen every time. Don’t give up after a single disappointing run, if you repeat them day after day it’ll be worth it. Try to find a build and farming route that will be the best for you, don’t be afraid of experimenting a little. You can also try to farm different locations, this is just the one I would recommend for starters.

Public dungeons in ESO are brimming with encounters that spawn five or more mobs in clusters. Encounters in public dungeons also appear to have much shorter respawn timers than anywhere else. Thus, as you circle through a public dungeon and take out each cluster of enemies, you’re likely to glean gold and loot at a higher rate per minute than you would in other hunting grounds. More specifically, you’ll find the best results in public dungeons where Imperials are present. This is because Imperial mobs tend to drop more gold, more frequently.


Secure fencing taken items is a fantastic method to make gold in ESO. With the Legerdemain ability line and also Trafficker passive maxed out, you can fence as much as 140 things a day. Maxing out the Burglars Guild skill line and the Haggling passive enhances the quantity you get per fenced thing.

The crucial thing to remember is to ensure to slip about as well as try not to obtain caught. If seen in the act, the player will receive a bounty and be targeted by the guard. If the defender catches a player with a bounty, that player will lose all the stolen items in his inventory.

Quick professional suggestion: if the player decides to run away when stopped by a guard, the gamer should run in the direction of water as well as swim away when possible. The guards will not adhere to in water. Simply be mindful of open water as going too far right into it may cause the player to be killed by slaughter-fish.

Flip Items

Whether it’s the low-key Baandari hawker who tells you in the / zone chat room or the forum, the player economy of The Elder Scrolls Online is still home to Tamriel’s hottest capital. For novices, the only problem is that ESO does not have a centralized market, which understandably throws away the veterans of traditional MMOs such as World of Warcraft. In contrast, each member of the guild can post up to 30 lists (single items or items or items sold directly) in its guild store, which is only visible to other members of the same guild. If the guild wants its members to sell to the rest of the world, it must hire guild merchants. Any NPC merchant from which random players can purchase items.

Public Dungeons

Public dungeons are typically a little more difficult than the common, open-world as there are many more enemies and, specifically, a few more difficult enemies.

At lower levels, it is recommended to run these with a group to help stay alive. There are two key things to keep in mind with this method. First is to make sure to keep repair kits in your inventory as gear will get damaged. Secondly is that this is a key time to have the merchant assistant mentioned in the beginning of the article or have someone in the group have it.

Inventory will fill quickly and players will have to sell often. It is more efficient to have the merchant handy than to have to travel out of the dungeon and sell every twenty minutes.

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