Teleradiology: Combating The Challenges of COVID-19

Teleradiology part of telemedicine, isn’t far behind in assisting healthcare professionals to fight this global calamity.





Hope dissuades us in this grim situation. But, concerns of the present situation were predicted by Bill Gates mentioning the eventuality of this catastrophe in TED Talk he delivered way back in 2015. He mentioned the greatest risk of global catastrophe isn’t from nuclear war but from highly infectious virus. Threat comes from microbes, not missiles since we’ve invested a huge amount in nuclear deterrents and invested the least in a system to stop an epidemic.

We aren’t ready for an epidemic since this eventuality hovering over the world was ignored.

The coronavirus pandemic proved the healthcare systems are insufficient and inadequate to fight a pandemic. Coronavirus challenges the most advanced healthcare systems. Countries battle COVID-19 with social distancing and complete lockdown crashing economies.

Telehealth and teleradiology reaches out to support the healthcare system:

Politico magazine states, healthcare will rely more on telemedicine with a paradigm shift in the healthcare delivery methods. Ezekiel J. Emanuel, chair of the department of medical ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania believes apprehensions existed about telemedicine, lingering on the sidelines as a convenient and cost controlling system. But the coronavirus pandemic challenged the traditional care system with remote healthcare becoming popular.

Teleradiology part of telemedicine, isn’t far behind in assisting healthcare professionals to fight this global calamity.

Future Teleradiology Solutions possess potential to support healthcare professionals well equipped and manned with the best minds in teleradiology. We have a team of chest CT-trained radiologist to diagnose patients extending efficient and timely preventive screening.

Our team of subspecialists /experts are knowledgeable, trained and experienced in providing a quick reading/interpretation of critical cases standing up to the challenge.

A strong backend technological support gives a seamless and uninterrupted service to any hospital, clinic or diagnostic center. Manpower to install the software to initiate communication isn’t required. The backend system is installed and initiated online immediately thus, Future Teleradiology can extend quick assistance imperative in critical times.

Increasing volumes of reports every hour have burdened radiologists and we appreciate round the clock service that nurses, doctors and anyone concerning healthcare is extending to people. We wish to reach out to them and stand in support to deliver care promptly.

Equipped with technological support our teleradiologists can work remotely without the need to visit the center. Effectively designed system is in place to cater the present requirements of interpreting X rays, CT scans, PET-CT Scan, MRI, etc.

Since the present healthcare system is overwhelmed with increasing demand for interpreting images working remotely adds to the capacity. It’s a nightmare where things are out of control. Excessive critical cases challenge the doctors needing immediate assistance from radiologists and our teleradiologist can provide it immediately.

You might be placed in any country our team is with you in these catastrophic times working hard to reach out to the caregivers and health care team doing a phenomenal job. Future Teleradiology Solutions is here to extend support and assist to the remotest areas where radioloigsts might not be available.