Complete Guide On Apa Format For Students And Researchers

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APA style is used all over the globe for structuring and referencing sources used in research papers. APA formatting plans allow writers to proficiently organize their opinions and correctly credit secondary literature to avoid plagiarism. Students often face difficulty in understanding the format and take the help of Admission Essay Editing Services.

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Furthermore, the APA formatting helps to improve the knowledge of the readers. The process of writing a research paper is very difficult, if you miss any one phase, you can end up revising. In this professional writers of Custom Admission Essay Writing Services come to rescue the students.

In this article, we will discuss how to write an APA format research paper.

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What is the APA format?

The APA format is the certified style of the American Psychological Association and is generally used to mention sources in education, psychology and social sciences. It is widely used in the research paper industry.

Researchers and students generally get confused with several research paper writing formats and are uncertain about the necessities of the research publication journals. To get out of this situation they search for Essay Writing Services Near Me.

Guidelines for APA Format Paper

An APA format paper is different from all types of paper like a creative writing paper, term paper, thought paper, or composition-style paper. Throughout the Thesis Research Proposal Writing, you need to take care of these guidelines.

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Page Layout

While writing the research paper keep double-spaced on standard-sized paper, with 1” margins on all sides. The first line of every paragraph should of 0.5 inches and should also include the page number.


For writing the content you could use an available font like Arial 11pt., Georgia 11pt., or Times New Roman 12pt.

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APA Research Paper Sections

The APA research paper format is based on the seven main components. That is as follows:

Title Page

As per the Research Paper Writing Services, the APA format title should be between 10-12 words and reflect the core of the paper. After the title writes your name followed by the college name. 

Additionally, using the “View Header” function from MS Word create a page header. After that on the title page include a running head- a short title that will appear on the left side at the top of the published articles and page number on the same line on the right side. The characters of the running head should not exceed more than 50 characters, including spaces and punctuation marks. You can also use the toolbox to insert the page number automatically. 


The abstract should not contain more than 120 words and should be written with double spacing in block format. Furthermore, state the topic in one or two sentences. This also provides an overview of results, methods and discussion.


Writing an introduction in APA format is the most difficult section. A good introduction analytically values the practical knowledge in the significant areas in a way that defines the knowledge gap and expresses your goal for your study and what is the reason for writing this. Though, the difficulty here is how to write a paper that keeps the interest of the reader till the end for this you can take help from the Custom Research Paper Writing services.

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The method section in a research paper is straightforward. However, the practice and requirements should be mentioned accurately. The motive of this section is to describe your study and experiments in detail so that there is no problem with the reproducibility of the results.


In this section, you have to tell the reader how you examined the data and explain your outcomes. Most importantly, do not mention an explanation of the result here. You can mention this in the discussion section.


The discussion section helps to comprehend the research hypothesis well and places the results in the wider context of the literature in the area. The discussion section is the reverse of the introduction section where you begin with the details and explain the general understanding of the topics.


This section mentions the references in alphabetical order. Do not keep the additional spaces between the references and double-space all the references. The second line of each reference should be projected. 

Conclusive Statement

We wish that this guide will help you in writing the perfect research paper in APA format. For Essay Editing Services in any subject visit Essay Typist.


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