State prosecution

State prosecutionState prosecutionState prosecutionState prosecution


Ye Zijing immediately said with a smile: "Chen Jian, I must report your personal opinion, that is, to have a different voice!"! Let the leading comrades of the Municipal Party Committee and the Political and Legal Committee analyze and judge! I estimate that the public security organs will not be the same voice, and there will certainly be different voices. For example, their deputy director, Comrade Wu Chengyi, will not agree with the nature of arson, work disputes, and differences in views and understanding. This is normal! This is good, it should be said that it is very good. He not only made a performance according to the hope of the provincial and municipal leaders, but also provided the leaders with another kind of advice they needed, and did not offend Ye Zijing. To say the least, even if Ye Zijing held on unexpectedly this time and continued to be a leader, he did not tear his face with Ye Zijing, and the basis for working together still existed. What is particularly gratifying is that the different opinion reported is his personal opinion. That is to say, in the entire Changshan City People's Procuratorate, among the 11 members of the procuratorial committee, Chen Bo is the only one who can really listen to the greeting of the municipal party committee! At the end of the meeting,Vegetable oil filling machine, a long-suppressed exclamation in Chen Bo's heart burst out: Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on this man! Twenty-nine As expected by Ye Zijing, the Public Security Bureau also had serious differences over the nature of the problem. Deputy Director Wu Chengyi had an open conflict with Director Jiang Zhengliu at the meeting. Wu Chengyi said that he was in charge of handling the case, and it was very inappropriate and not serious to report the conclusion of arson to the Municipal Party Committee again in the name of the Public Security Bureau without his consent and behind his back. He openly declared that unless he was removed as deputy director, no one would be able to protect a group of corrupt officials with the head of Zha Tiezhu. Jiang Zhengliu was so angry that he repeatedly asked who these corrupt officials were? Wu Chengyi does not say, only way, the net of justice is long and narrow, let's look down! At Wu Chengyi's insistence,liquid bottle filling machine, the qualitative opinion of the fire was written in the minutes of the meeting as Wu Chengyi's personal opinion, and Wu Chengyi asked Jiang Zhengliu to report it truthfully. After the meeting, Wu Chengyi made a phone call to Ye Zijing and reported the situation. Then he complained, "Ye Jian, you did the right thing. You can't listen to this kind of greeting regardless of the legal facts!"! Great! Let's all *** off and let them build it! I don't believe they dare to take down you, the attorney general, and me, the deputy director! Ye Zijing reminded: "Director Wu, don't believe it. It's not impossible for people to take us all down!"! The right to appoint and remove cadres is in their hands. They don't need any excuse. They take you and me away when they need a job! Wu Chengyi scolded on the phone: "What the *** is the legal system? What is the rule of law?!" Ye Zijing joked: "Therefore, the rule of law is still an ideal we pursue at present." Wu Chengyi was not in the mood to joke: "Ye Jian, I'm not talking nonsense with you. Seriously, you said a while ago that we should shoulder justice with iron shoulders. Let's shoulder justice with iron shoulders. No one should shrink back. We should do what we should do and how we should do it!"! Take the time to die. I thought, even if we get out of here, PET blow moulding machine ,water bottle packaging machine, we have to find out everything we need to know before we get out of here! In the face of legal facts, let's see what they do and who dares to pervert the law! Ye Zijing was really moved and felt that she was not isolated. The comrades of the procuratorate did not say that Wu Chengyi was tough enough. In essence, it was not Jiang Zhengliu, but Wu Chengyi could better represent the overall image of the public security police. After talking to Wu Chengyi, Ye Zijing picked up the confidential telephone in her room and asked to call the home of chief procurator Ding of the provincial procuratorate. She wanted to make an appointment to report to the provincial procuratorate on the dispute over the nature of the case and the difficulties involved. After the "August 13" fire, Ding Jian led the responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the provincial court to Changshan several times, and also learned about the situation on the phone many times, and gave very specific instructions on the prosecution and trial of the case. On the issue of determining the nature of the fire, Ding Jian repeatedly stressed the need to be cautious and made it very clear that decisions on uncertain issues must not be made without authorization and must be reported to the provincial court. Unexpectedly, Ding Jian was not at home. Mrs. Ding Jian said that the provincial political and legal committee had a temporary meeting in the evening, and Ding Jian had gone to the meeting and had just walked for ten minutes. Mrs. Ding Jian and Ye Zijing were quite familiar with each other, and she was also the deputy director of the office of the Provincial Supreme People's Court. She was well informed and seemed to have heard something. She asked with concern, "Zijing, why did you hear that you were in trouble?" "Ye Zijing is inconvenient to say, only vague way:" Zhong elder sister, this kind of big case trouble is already indispensable! " Mrs. Ding Jian didn't ask much either. She sighed and said, "Zijing, if you can't, don't stay in Changshan any longer. Just transfer to the provincial hospital. I'll tell you the truth: My old Ding had the idea of transferring you a year ago!" Ye Zijing's heart fluttered, but she stopped: If she was really transferred to the provincial court at this time, she would be a deserter who betrayed her comrades. Not to say sorry for the comrades of the procuratorate, but also sorry for Wu Chengyi, who is "dying" with her. So she said with a smile, "Sister Zhong, let's talk about this later."! Which day is really withdrawn by the Changshan Municipal Party Committee, there is no place to eat, I will go to the provincial hospital to make a living! When the time comes, you can blow a pillow wind and let Ding Jian leave me a job! Just then, the door of the room suddenly opened, and Ye Zijing turned around and saw Chen Hanjie, director of the National People's Congress, standing at the door. Ye Zijing did not dare to chat with Mrs. Ding Jian. She said, "Here comes the guest." She immediately put down the phone and quickly went to the door: "Hey, old secretary, why did you find me here in the middle of the night? Sudden attack on the guard? Chen Hanjie laughed at himself and said, "What post should I check?"? Who takes our old man seriously now?! Ye Zijing smiled and said, "Look at what your old secretary said. Who dares?"? Now the National People's Congress is not second-tier! "" Chen Hanjie looked around and walked into the room, not in a good mood. As soon as he finished complaining, he criticized Ye Zijing: "Comrade Zijing, what are you complaining about on the phone?"? What? Keep a job? Are you the chief prosecutor who eats? If you only want to eat a safe meal, I'm afraid our common people will not be able to eat! Can Zha Tiezhu still eat? For arson? Ah, the death penalty. How can we eat when people's heads have fallen to the ground? Ye Zijing understood and hurriedly said, "Old secretary,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, I was just about to say this, but we are still standing up!" Chen Hanjie sat down on the sofa: "Very well, so I have to show my support!" " 。