Travel notes of Huachi

Travel notes of HuachiTravel notes of Huachi


Volume 1: Novice Village Chronicle Chapter 9 Team Formation (Part 1) Doberman Cool Man Rumors come and go like the wind. When the flower pond came to the overcrowded white rabbit lawn for the third time, no one remembered yesterday's strange strongman, and no one remembered the nymphomaniac woman the day before yesterday. Huachi slept in the inn last night and felt very comfortable. He got up this morning refreshed and in good spirits. The spirit is good, the mood is good. The energetic flower pond decided to cross the lawn and go around the Buffalo area to the red land that Hua Er said to see the situation. After all, of the eleven items needed in the task menu, there are three of them in the red wasteland on the edge of the Buffalo area-seven-petal sour grass, seven-petal fruit and grass-protecting snake inner elixir. The Buffalo area is large, with flat brownish-yellow land, sparse weeds, low brush, scattered small trees, and scattered Buffalo. When the wind blows, dust and sand are raised on the ground, and the air is flowing with dry breath. Buffalo is very aggressive, aggressive, fast and defensive. The only disadvantage is that it always likes to run in a straight line. Because of this, Bison are a good target for players at levels 2 through 6. Level 2 players are suitable for group attack, level 6 players are suitable for single practice, and players in the middle level have their own advantages and disadvantages. Huachi stood on the hillside at the junction of the White Rabbit Area and the Bison Area, looking at the sky. The Bison Area stretched as far as the eye could see and could not see the edge at all. The dead child of Huatuo did not say clearly which direction the red land was in, north, south and east. Did he want to look for grass thousands of miles away? That's not stupid! Suddenly thought of that enthusiastic palm sword eldest brother, if he is here, certainly can have the perfect answer. Well, or find a team, first team play,pietra gray marble, make a few friends, chat and fart, this is the fun of online games! By the way, you can find out where the red earth is. Looking at the three or five teams in front of him, Hua Chi held his chin in one hand and thought seriously about which one to choose to join? This, five men and three women, the woman is very pretentious, the man is very pig brother, don't. That, a man and a woman,Agate Slabs For Sale, obviously the bastard looked at the mung bean and patted it off. In the group of three handsome men, there are eight women. The swallow is thin and the ring is fat. The competition is too big. In the group of five cool men, there was only one girl, but the woman looked like a fairy, charming and lovely, obviously surrounded by stars. Grievance. The flower pond stares at that beautiful woman, the eye is red to breathe fire, in the heart laments: "Why, the handsome boy besides the dead meeting, has not entered the game.". Why isn't there a beautiful man born for me?! Resentment. Perhaps the resentment was too deep, which made the penetrating power of the eyes too strong. The five cool men who killed the Buffalo with the beautiful girl all looked over together. The cold eyes with the intention of killing startled the little heart of the flower pond. Then, the beautiful girl was also alarmed. She looked over, paused, and turned to say something to one of the cool men. After a while, the cool man nodded respectfully to the beautiful girl and turned to the flower pond. The flower pool carefully appreciates the cool man who is getting closer and closer. The golden ratio figure, the steady and powerful pace, the prominent muscles of the two arms, the cold and hard lip line and the sexy arc of the chin, Grey Marble Slab ,Carrara Marble Slab, Oh, MyGod! It's so manly! "You've been staring at us for a long time, young lady." The cool man's voice is cold, but his words are not polite. If you are just bored, you can look elsewhere. Please don't cause us trouble. If you have other intentions.. "I'm sure you'll regret it." Then he turned back to the team neatly. It's so cool and has so much personality! Looking at the back of the cool man, Hua Chi sighed in his heart, 'If you have other intentions.. I'm sure you'll regret it. 'How dangerous and sexy! Hehe, this cool man really looks like a. German purebred Tubman dog, dashing, sexy, dangerous and loyal. Really want to get. Unfortunately, there is already a master, alas! Sigh again, why can't I meet such a best product! After a sigh, I suddenly found that the sun had climbed from the eastern sky to the middle of my head. Really stare at them too long? Flower pond thought, well, a morning's time is not too long, right? She also did not think, a whole half a day, by a stranger with sometimes hungry, sometimes resentful eyes staring at one, even the best self-cultivation will inevitably feel irritable, neurasthenia. This is also the reason why the cool man came to warn the flower pool, after all, her behavior is too strange, neither Lian Ji, nor waiting for people, nor like a bad man with intentions, beyond the understanding of normal people. Stretched a big lazy waist, yawned, did not buy dry food in the morning, so Huachi decided to go back to the village for dinner. If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. In the afternoon, you should practice well. The 10 silver coins awarded by the system yesterday should be able to buy a better weapon, right? Flower pool into the game on the morning of the third day, spent time: half a day, the number of killing monsters: 0, Lian Ji harvest: none, the task harvest: none, other: enjoy a German Doberman cool man. Conclusion: a waste of half a day's work. Turning around in the western trading market, Huachi finally had a general idea of the price of the novice village. In Novice Village, weapons and equipment are the most expensive among many goods. Because of the extremely low explosion rate, the most rubbish whiteboard weapons can generally sell at the price of 80 copper to 1 silver. After all, there are still a lot of whiteboards that can't be used for a whole day. Even rubbish with almost no defensive attack power is better than none. And the general + 1 attributes of weapons and equipment, can be sold to more than 2 silver coins, if the attributes add more, or rare plus understanding, charm, luck, then the price is sky-high, non-gold coins can not be purchased. Hua Chi looked at the shoes at his feet and thought they were rubbish, but he didn't think they were worth two silvers. Look at the body of the large capacity of 200 large backpack, secretly pleased, who has not seen this thing! Then look at the shiny black + 2 agility, + 3 defense ring, and endless food storage bracelets, although they are borrowed, but also let the flower pond can not help but be complacent,white marble mosaic, full of spring breeze. Haha, after all, he is a rich man with more than ten gold.