Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

Third, if you have anything to say, just say it. I'm very busy now." "It's all the same. Who taught you that?" Hearing what she said, Meng Shaoling thought it was interesting. She had never shown this side before.


"Use you to draw out Mo Bei Yan, but." It depends on whether you have that value. Yunzhu pursed her lips and said nothing. Meng Shaoling took out the magic box in her pocket at the right time. "Do you have a lot of this thing in Miaojiang?" "You know I'm from Miaojiang?" "As I said, she told me that I was in love with Huan Tong." Yunzhu stared at the box, "This is a very important thing, you must put it well, if Mo Bei Yan wants to hurt Huan Tong, it may play a vital role." Meng Shaoling's eyes brightened, "Mo Beiyan, they need this box very much." Yunzhu did not seem to intend to say, Meng Shaoling said to increase the chips, "you do not say will only harm Huan Tong, if Mo Beiyan really did something to her, can save her only me." “……” It is a fact that her strength is too meager. Meng Shaoling mixed on the road for so long, means and scheming is absolutely not comparable to Yunzhu, Yunzhu has been living in the mountains, do not understand these things about the outside world, she only cares about the safety of Mo Huan Tong at this time. After all, Mo Bei Yan brought her so much harm, Yunzhu can not have a good impression on him, she only hopes to see Huan Tong safely. I don't want anything else. Yunzhu hesitated, did not come clean,ceramic bobbin heater, only said probably, "Mo Bei Yan they really value this box, you let me and Mo Bei Yan a phone call, I promise he will promise me." "What are you going to say on the phone?" ! pbtxt_5du5Chapter 3563 are you amnesiac or mentally retarded? Meng Shaoling narrowed his eyes. He weighed the bewitching box in his hand. Could it be that one of them was bewitched? He straightened up and ordered, "Go get the encrypted cell phone and dial Mo Beiyan's number." "Yes, Lord." Dark guard saw Meng Shaoling make a wink, immediately understand. Less than five minutes later, a mobile phone was handed over. Meng Shaoling ordered people to untie Yunzhu's rope. "You fight by yourself. I'll go out and not eavesdrop." He turned to leave,ceramic igniter electrodes, the dark guard also withdrew, Yunzhu went to the most corner of the dungeon, she held her cell phone, listening to the sound of being connected over there. Hello The man's voice was deep. Yunzhu had never heard of Mo Bei Yan's voice. She asked, "Are you Mo Bei Yan?" "You called me and asked me?" “……” "No, I hung up." "Wait!" Yunzhu pinched her cell phone, "I'm Huan Tong's aunt." "Oh?"? I never knew Mo Huan Tong had an aunt. "The man smiled." What are you looking for me for? " "Is Huan Tong in your place?" "Of course, she will die at my hands!" "Mo Bei Yan!" Yunzhu was startled and said, "You don't want to move your eyes. You killed Xie Yanghua yourself. You killed her father and sent her to prison. Isn't that enough?" The man paused for a moment and then said, "Not enough. I just want her to suffer to death." "Then you don't care about Tong Ran, do you?" Yunzhu pursed her lips and said, "The box of Tong Ran's solution is in my hand. If you want it, you can come out with Huan Tong. We'll exchange it, or I'll destroy the box!" “……” There was a silence on the other end of the phone. Yunzhu continued to say, "Tong Ran's poison will only become more and more serious, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, even if you find the drug to temporarily suppress, but as long as you do not understand, her nerves will be damaged, the day the drug completely fails, her nerves will collapse.." The voice did not fall, a voice suddenly came from behind, "Thank you for telling me this, aunt." “……” Yunzhu was so surprised that she turned around and saw Meng Shaoling standing there with her cell phone. She instantly white face, Yunzhu looked at the mobile phone in her hand, and then looked at him, "you." This is his trap?! "In fact, we had a good chat just now. You are a little tender to fight with me." Meng Shaoling cut off the conversation with her. "It turned out that Tong Ran was bewitched." “……” Yunzhu looked at him, and before he could react, the dark guard had tied her up again. You are despicable! "It doesn't matter what you say," Meng Shaoling looked at her sadly, "originally, Mo Beiyan and Huan Tong still have the revenge of killing their father. ” "Don't you think." Yunzhu tried to speak, but was immediately gagged. Meng Shaoling took her cell phone and turned to the side. He dialed Mo Huan Tong's number. She will certainly make up the card back, Mo Bei Yan is now addicted to drugs, Meng Shaoling thought, he must be worse than dead, perhaps this will be hitting the wall to die. Meng Shaoling sneered, his ears rang a few times, and the call was connected. There's no sound on that end. Meng Shaoling opened her mouth first, "Huan Tong, it's me." For a long time, the other side seems to have changed a place, this just heard a voice, concise and cold, "straight to say." "Is that your attitude towards me now?" Meng Shaoling chuckled, "Huan Tong, at least we are married, you are my wife." "Are you amnesiac or mentally retarded?" ! pbtxt_5du5Chapter 3564 send it in the form of MMS. Mo Huan Tong said coldly, "First, we haven't got the license. My identity is in prison. We can't really get married. Second, I'm not your wife. Nothing happened between us. That's coercion, not marriage. Third, if you have anything to say, just say it. I'm very busy now." "It's all the same. Who taught you that?" Hearing what she said, Meng Shaoling thought it was interesting. She had never shown this side before. "What are you busy with?"? Is Mo Beiyan addicted to drugs and unable to survive or die? "Meng Shaoling, shut up!" Mo Huan pupil interrupted his words, she stood on the balcony at this time, Wen Yan looked into the bedroom, Mo Bei Yan just finished the intravenous drip, drank the tonic soup and fell asleep. It was not easy for him to go to sleep, and in the afternoon he was addicted to drugs, and he could not avoid a lot of trouble,ceramic bobbin heater core, and he was tired and falling apart. It's really painful. She knew he was in pain, and every time she watched Mo Nanjue try his best to hold him down and watch him struggle desperately, Mo Huan wanted to cry. He's not like this. He shouldn't be like this. global-ceramics.com