Extra son-in-law

Extra son-in-lawExtra son-in-lawExtra son-in-law


"As for this battle, you don't have to worry too much." Watermelon's voice was light and slanted his head. "Da Yang's side has begun to move.". In this war, we will leave Zong Han here. The moon is like water, Qian Luoning nodded slightly. Chapter 919 Grey Night White Banner (middle). In September, the city of Jiangning on the south bank of the Yangtze River was surrounded by watertight prisons. Dusk light burning the sky, under the sky like a hill towering wall is showing signs of collapse and broken, from the beginning of this year, to now, Jiangning has experienced nearly eight months of attack, the wall of a breach everywhere, a little bit of distortion, blood will ChengTou drench into red, and then blackened by kerosene, sandbags and rolling wood base high moat, Countless corpses were lying and rotting on the battlefield between the city wall and the Jurchen barracks. The smell of corpses spread, crows flew in waves, falling to the ground from time to time, and several slings in the south and east of the city were still feebly throwing boulders over the endless pile of corpses. On ChengTou, the soldiers of Wu Chao, who looked like a stone from a distance, were still holding out. Beyond the city that a corpse, keep in the siege line, the second line or the main force of the Jurchen under Zongfu and part of the plunder in the taste of sweetness and become firm central plains Han army. Extending outward from this camp, under the shade of the setting sun, all kinds of humble barracks are densely covered on the earth, pushing towards the distance as if far away. After surrendering to the Jurchens, they were driven to the army of the Wu Dynasty near Jiangning, which now numbered as many as a million. At this time, the soldiers had taken away half of their weapons and were being divided into relatively closed camps, which were separated by open spaces, and the Jurchen cavalry occasionally patrolled and killed people. Every day,magnetic separator machine, Zongfu will select several troops, driving them to fight in the city, in order to break Jiangning early, Zongfu has a very high reward for the troops entering the city, but for more than two months, the so-called reward is still not received, but more and more troops are killed and wounded.. Flames crackled, columns of smoke rose from the dilapidated tents, iron pots of porridge were set up on the fire, a fire-headed army threw grey wild vegetables into them, and ragged soldiers went over: "Can that vegetable be eaten? It's like that!" "If you have something to eat, just read it." "Throw away the black one." "I've already thrown away what I can't eat. I can't eat you to death!" "Your mother." The emaciated soldier could not argue with the powerful fire-headed army. The two sides looked at each other with bulging eyes. After a moment, the soldier reached out to wipe his face and turned away angrily. Only then did a trace of grief and indignation flashed across the dull faces of the soldiers around him. The eyes of the dusty fire-headed army were red. If you want enough to eat, I'll give you these hogs. You go and get the grain. It's not Beginning of Winter yet. The millet has just been harvested. Damn.. Do you want to cook me or not. The fire-headed army's eyes were fumigated by smoke, and tears slipped down from his words, manganese beneficiation plant ,Carbon in Pulp, washing the black ash on his face one by one, while someone persuaded him. All right, you fat man don't have much meat left. In the midst of the voices in the open space, the soldier who had left before suddenly ran back. He looked angry and obviously could not relieve himself. He rushed toward the wild vegetables in the hands of the Fire Army. Someone blocked him: "What are you doing?" "You can't eat it when it's black--" "*** your mother, you're looking for trouble!" "Kill me!"! Come on! Kill me! The soldier had tears in his eyes and pulled out his clothes to reveal his emaciated chest. "It's just the autumn harvest. My family planted the land!"! It was all taken away by the Jurchens, and now we have to help them fight, why! You cowards can't talk! Kill me! Go tell on the Jurchens, and you'll die sooner or later! You can't eat that when it's black. As he cried, the soldier who had pushed him tried to hit him with his fist, but with a clench of his teeth, he pushed him to the rear. Someone in the crowd said, ".." He's crazy. ” Somebody is pulling him: "Go quickly, roll a bit farther, you did not harm everybody..." "What else can you do? You want to rebel." The voice was high and low, and for a moment there was a lot of noise. The fire-headed soldier clenched his teeth and reached out to pick off some of the few wild vegetables. After a while, the former soldier was pulled away, and someone's voice rang out: "I'm going to die anyway. That's all for this. If anyone goes to inform, I'll do him even if I die!" Not far away, behind a dilapidated tent, the Iron Eagle bent his body, quietly watching the scene, and then turned away. The orange sunset was falling from the sky, and it seemed that the confused camp and the weak soldiers were gathering and eating. He followed the former troublemaker and turned around the crowd. Since Jun Wu's troops burst into Jiangning in June, whether it is Wanyan Zongfu or the bystanders of various forces, are waiting for the moment when the last ray of light goes out, as if Wu Chao in July, the sea of tactics began to wash wave after wave, Zongfu will be a good soldier mixed in the siege of the army to try to open the situation, Jiangning Chengtou was also broken several times, Soon after, however, they were killed again-and even in several battles, it was said that the prince of the Wu Dynasty had personally fought and commanded the killing. By the middle of August, people began to become numb to such an offensive, and some of them were even awestruck by the stubborn resistance of no more than 200,000 troops in the city. However, all these are not conducive to the improvement of the situation. Zhou Yong's escape destroyed the morale of all the people of Wu Dynasty, and the army surrendered one after another, gradually forming a huge avalanche trend. Some generals are really down, there are some generals, feel that they are empty with the snake, waiting for the opportunity to slowly, anyway, but after arriving at the gates of Jiangning, their supplies and provisions are controlled by the Jurchens, even most of the weapons were lifted, until the siege to distribute inferior supplies. At this stage, the surrender order is more general's choice, the soldier's heart is still unable to understand the fact that Wu Chao has begun to die, in the process of attacking Jiangning,gold cil machine, some soldiers also want to surrender on the battlefield, into Jiangning prince to help kill the enemy. But to meet them, is ChengTou soldiers can't bear the eyes and resolute sword. ore-magnetic-mining.com