Tomb of God (fine collation)

Tomb of God (fine collation)Tomb of God (fine collation)


"Hum, I see how you break the myth, if it is the real lonely day, I have nothing to say, but just you this boy.". If you control his body, don't dream. Speaking of which. Guangyuan seemed to remember something and said, "This boy.." Why can it melt into his corpse? At this time. The sky darkened again. Endless darkness enveloped the sky, only the dzi bead. Like a bright divine moon, it illuminates one side of the space, but it can only protect the soul of Guangyuan. Go against the chaotic eight styles and oppress Taigu. The whole vast expanse of land trembled. Then, an unpredictable force surged towards the dzi beads. But at this time, a strange event happened. Dzi beads actually opened up a mysterious channel, endless channel end do not know where to connect, a can not say the size of the strength of the energy in the slow ups and downs. When the destructive power of the eight types of anti-chaos once again imprisons the soul of Guangyuan, the mysterious passage suddenly shoots out a beam of light, but in an instant it dissipates three feet away from Guangyuan. You can imagine how terrible it is to go against the chaos, and the power of the sky shot out was swallowed up silently like that! Mysterious passage, brilliant, seems to connect a very magical world, in an instant burst of energy rage, than the first time I do not know how much stronger. Solitary defeat day corpse, hit the anti-day eight type, the strength was blocked,gold shaking table, of course, is only a temporary block, terrible strength is still slowly moving forward! Guangyuan was startled, and he felt that something was wrong. The corpse of the lonely defeated heaven rushed over in an instant, and did not have the slightest fear because of the existence of dzi beads. Guangyuan, no matter what, I will make you half useless today. Chen Dong said so. Suddenly, the body of the lonely defeat, burst out of an evil black light,mineral flotation, in the reverse chaos eight style display at the same time, he has rushed into the mysterious passage. A big explosion that shook the six realms happened at this moment. Although the scope of action was only in a mysterious channel, the vast fluctuation was beyond imagination. The channel opened by the dzi beads collapsed in an instant, and then the dzi beads dimmed a lot, trembling in the soul of Guangyuan. Guangyuan roared wildly, his heart was cold, and his soul was full of cracks by the terrible force. At this moment, the intact Chen Dong actually manifested from the body, this happened too suddenly, at the moment he was unscathed! Lost Chen Dong-led body, at this moment did not stop running, still did not stop against the chaos, the remnants of a mysterious passage, was completely destroyed by the collapse. Guangyuan has been regardless of all this, fugitive general fly away, in the absence of recovery before the strength, tin beneficiation plant ,coltan ore processing, he really do not want to face alone against the chaos of eight types. The body of the lonely man did not stop him, and he seemed to have lost the ability to move. Chen Dong also did not intercept, because this is in ancient times, not possessed by the lonely day, he can not display divine power. But now, he can no longer merge into the body of Dugu Detian. Until, long after the disappearance of Guangyuan, Gao Tian suddenly began to collapse, and the mysterious body of Dugu Detian fell to the earth below. The earth was sinking, the volcano was erupting, the sea was roaring, and the body of the lonely man was buried deep under the earth of the East and disappeared. Chen Dong shouted, "Let's go back to reality!" At this moment, the imprisoned circuit has been completely opened under the reverse chaos. Chen Dong, Phoenix Tiannu, Dragon Baby, as well as Kongkong and Yiyi, like several meteors, cut through the sky and returned to the real world. On the way back, he shouted, "Do you remember the place of the war just now? After the return, we must dig out the body of Dugu Defeated Heaven!" Episode 40 Chapter 15 Response This world can only be unexpected. Nothing can't be done. Traveling through the tunnel of time and space, Chen Dong was filled with emotion. At that time, he was just a small practitioner, walking in the human world. Where did he ever think that one day he could travel through time and space? At that time, the gods needed him to look up to, but now they are immortals every day. Because he has to deal with such people now. Seldom seen by mortals. Think also relieved, people have their own life circle, different circles of people all face the crowd is not the same. When you reach a certain height, look back and find that everything seems to be fading away. You have entered a new world, and the people and things you come into contact with will be at the same starting point as you in this new world. With the continuous improvement. As we continue to move into new territory, the people around us will continue to change, and they are all people in the same realm as themselves. Think about it. Self-understandable. But looking back. But it is also surprising. After all, once upon a time, the gods needed to be looked up to. Now in the heart is just so so, like a dream. By now. Chen Dong is really filled with emotion, everything is like a cloud dream, once a legendary figure in his mind. Has appeared around him, which was unthinkable in the past. And now he is their enemy and their friend. Standing in the same world with them. Chaotic light flashes, Chen Dong, Phoenix Tiannu, Dragon Baby. And two mischievous little devils, who have traveled through time and space, down the river, and are about to return to the real world. But, just then, the void crumbled. A touch of cold light. Incomparably dense. A wave of terror cut them off! The cold blue light. Like a huge blade, like a dead lake, the light is full of blue. Black hand Guangyuan! The Phoenix goddess exclaimed. Salty pig hands! The baby dragon was also surprised. A pair of big eyes stare round. They all felt the breath of Guangyuan. Chen Dong is also surprised. Guangyuan is too powerful, actually caught up with here, is he from the ancient times to travel to the present. Will leave them behind. Completely exterminated?! Impossible, he can not take such a big risk,sodium cyanide price, after all, he has been alone to defeat the day to smash the body, how dare to cross to the future to kill it! That Now why..