The Millennium Sacrifice

The Millennium SacrificeThe Millennium Sacrifice


Under the green walls, the mage troops of Kuriga kept chanting incantations, but the walls gave them a great setback. Mage of Nature, with an earthy face, stared blankly at the high wall covered with green leaves and vines. "How could it be? What a powerful pulse! The elves are guarding the wall.." It's so beautiful, infinite power, ice and fire all disappear in front of it. Such a perfect defense. "Your Excellency, now is not the time to study, quickly think of a way, we said in front of the colonel to solve this magic wall!" But how can you destroy such a perfect natural creation? See, the power of the lively elements. It's like being alive! The Dharma Masters had no choice but to study the wall together: "What kind of plant is this?"? This jasper-like leaf. "" The guards and priests on the wall shot arrows and magic blades under the wall viciously! It was outrageous that they should be ignored before they entered the city and coveted the wall of the host's house. ……” The commander of the army, who was shrouded in black armor, ordered the soldiers to drag back all the magicians who had gathered under the city wall. Finally, these guys who had learned magic until they were a little brain-damaged remembered to add a shield to themselves and were not killed by Ai Dang immediately. Sure enough, these fools are no longer favored by the gods,warehouse rack manufacturer, and the dark goddess is the new ruler of Curiga. The dark mages hiding in the black robes spoke sadly, "If the city gate can't be destroyed, let's start with the people guarding the city." The guards on the wall shivered all over, their hands and feet were weak and weak, and they sat on the ground feebly, and the gods also had a sharp pain in their heads. It's spiritual magic! Guardian of the Light! The green leaves of the whole wall stretched,Cantilever Storage rack, and the endless energy flowed into the bodies of the city guards, and the soldiers who had no resistance to magic felt much more relaxed. The faint invisible light was emitted from the hands of the mages, and the bodies of the dark mages hiding in the distance shook, and the soldiers were all right. For the dark mages, too detailed light and purification are their nemesis, while the natural mages don't care at all. This power is fused with the energy in the wall. It's amazing. What kind of magic is that? No temple has ever had such a powerful protective boundary. Curiga's commander did not want to count on the mages, he ordered the soldiers to raise the wood: "Give me the siege!" " Chengtou's sharp arrows rained down on the Kuriga soldiers who rushed to the city gate, and a group of magic lights flashed. One of the mages on both sides kept throwing magic arrows of ice and fire, and the other tried desperately to protect the siege soldiers. Curiga's mage troops found that if they threw magic at enemies on the walls, the walls would absorb most of the effect, Narrow aisle rack ,heavy duty warehouse rack, and eventually the people on the walls would have no effect at all. As the sacred tree of Aidang, Bahn Holy Tree has the talent of automatically maintaining the security of the realm. This strange creature between animals and plants is one of the original works of the founding dragon. It can regulate the balance of energy, protect the Qi of the creatures in the field from being out of order, and even absorb magic for its own growth. The sacred tree buried at the gates of Edang came to the human world to change. The magic elements here were not as strong as those in Trega, so it assimilated with the stones on the earth, grew into climbing vines, and finally merged into a living wall. Outside this wall of Bahn, the special magnetic field will swallow up all the strong magic power and turn it into the power of the city. In another magnetic field, Aidang soldiers and civilians can call on the power of Bahn. The mages can't even feel the emptiness and tiredness after casting a spell. One by one, the aggressive strong magic will not stop, which makes it difficult for the mages of Kuriga to guard against it. But there were so many soldiers in Kuriga that the arrows on the walls slowly fell to pieces, and the mages were so exhausted that they could not hold on to their magic. The Kuriga soldiers at the gate felt the gate loose again and accelerated the speed of the impact! The land at the city gate rises from the grave! A golden animal jumped out of the ground, and its claws crossed the hands of all the enemies carrying the wood! Ci, under the command of Zil, instantly turned into elemental armor and clung to the city gate! After the walls were reorganized, the original wooden gates were the most vulnerable, but the armored defense of the earth elves quickly compensated for this. The siege soldiers screamed and covered their hands and let the giant wood fall on them. Demons! Luo Sunset stood on the wall and looked down, her eyes looking at the dark army not far away. In the midst of thousands of horses, the man in black armor who was surrounded rode on a ferocious mount. Is the leader, the leader control, everything will be much simpler! The Kurigas suddenly retreated, and many of them remembered the ghostly movements of the girl who jumped from the wall at dusk yesterday. Go! Jump! Luo Sunset stared at the tall figure and rushed over. Text 37 suppression, first push down 37 suppression, the first push down the black army can hardly see the edge, Luo sunset felt a little nervous, now she rushed into the enemy group alone, this experience has never been before. She jumped high, her short hair brushed past her eyes, leaving a black field of vision. Take these people as if they don't exist, and keep your eyes fixed on the black knight in the distance! The leader of the Black Armor also noticed the sunset. The little figure approached her quickly, and the soldiers in the place where she passed could not stop her. Hey! She didn't want to hurt people too much, but her strength was hard to control. The low shout fell like thunder, and the majesty of the superior made all the soldiers'mounts around panic, and the battlefield was in chaos as the beast fell and fled. Don't we have to go down and help? "Wait.". We hold the wall and let DiRusidia move. At the head of the city, the old castellan and Impelia leaned over and grasped the edge of the wall,Pallet rack supplier, staring at the battlefield without blinking. The soldiers burst into cheers at the sight of Kuriga's army in disarray. Although there were still countless soldiers throwing climbing ropes at the top of the wall, the flames of the mages burned directly along the thick ropes to the enemy. With the wall as a shield, both sides of the attack and defense are desperate.