2022 Full Guide: How to Make Elder Scrolls Online Gold

As an armorsmith, you can create items like armor to be sold. As a weaponsmith, you can make money by making weapons and selling them.


There are many profitable ways to farm gold in The Elder Scrolls Online. Elder Scrolls Online Gold Farming is mainly a matter of time. I'm going to show you several different methods of getting gold that you can farm from many various sources. Of course, your income depends on time spent in game, level, etc., but each of these methods should provide you with fair amounts of goods later in the game. I wish that this content will help you. Let's get into the beginner guide details:

Public Dungeons

Public dungeons are usually more difficult than the ordinary open world because there are more enemies, especially more dangerous enemies.

At a lower level, it is recommended to run with a group to help maintain life. There are two points to keep in mind in this method. The first is to ensure that the repair kit is kept in inventory because the gears will be damaged. Second, this is the key time for the businessman assistant or someone in the team mentioned at the beginning of the article to own it.

The inventory will quickly fill up and players will have to sell often. It is more convenient for merchants than having to leave the dungeon and sell it every 20 minutes. However, doing so can earn a net 20,000-30,000 gold per hour.

Get involved in Items Crafting

Crafting items is another way you can make money from Elder Scroll Online. ESO provides a professional system where players with crafting skills can make money. You can choose to become an armorsmith, weaponsmith, enchanter, or alchemist.

As an armorsmith, you can create items like armor to be sold. As a weaponsmith, you can make money by making weapons and selling them.

On the other hand, as an enchanter, you can enchant all sorts of items once you have a magical gift to bind spells to items.

In the Elder Scrolls universe, enchanting works by trapping souls in gems and then using those gems to power the spell on an item. So, you’ll need to be capable of killing higher-level creatures if you want to enchant more powerful items.

Daily quests

All DLC areas have daily quests which reward motifs. It sounds like obvious advice, but many of these can be very profitable.

By the time you read this prices may change, but I’ve found Summerset and Murkmire dailies to be one of the most profitable ones. Not only can you get decently valuable motifs (5,000g+), but also other valuables:

All three Summerset dailies award Culanda Lacquer style material every time. This sells for 3,000g a pop. This is guaranteed 9,000g per day (and per character, if you wish).

Murkmire dailies very often reward Hackwing Plumage (over 1,500g) and Crocodile Leather (200g) style materials.

To sweeten the deal, each daily quest completion will also give you over 300g on top of other item rewards.

Motifs from newer DLCs are generally more expensive. It’s highly recommended to start doing daily quests for motifs as soon as possible if you have access to any newly released DLC. In the first few days prices are insanely high, often reaching over 100,000g per motif page.


Also, thievery is a good source of getting ESO Gold, if only you are lucky enough. The best advice here is to be careful and to the job in good spots. Watch out, because they may change frequently. Learn the spots, don't draw attention and during doing pickpocketing always keep behind your target. If you get captured, invisibility potions can turn out useful. Sell stolen goods and earn from them.

The main advantage of thieving:

Risky but more profitable than, for example questing.

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