Eso Crafting Guide - All the Crafting Professions

Crafting Writs are repeatable quests focused on respective crafting professions. They reset every 20 hours and can be done again. They’re a really important part of developing those


Crafting on ESO is essential when it comes to so many aspects of the game, and making Elder Scrolls Online Gold is no exception. The following guide outlines all of the possible ways to make gold in ESO by means of crafting.

Crafting Stations

Crafting stations can be found in towns all over Tamriel, and the crafting stations found in towns all allow you to produce the same items, so no need to travel across factions to build their gear. There is an exception to this, however....

Throughout Tamriel are hidden special crafting stations that are found out in the wild. These crafting stations allow you to produce special sets of gear which have unique properties. These sets of gear can not be found or looted from a monster--they must come from a crafter.

Crafting Writs

Crafting Writs are repeatable quests focused on respective crafting professions. They reset every 20 hours and can be done again. They’re a really important part of developing those skill lines as well as profiting from crafting after you’re maxed out.

To unlock Crafting Writs you have to get certified first. There’s a separate certification for every profession. It’s actually really easy to do, just go to the nearest Writ Board and then to a certification trainer. You will have to complete a very simple crafting quest that acts as a tutorial for the profession in question. Make sure your character is at least level 6, because it’s a requirement to get certified.

There are two categories of crafting professions, equipment crafting (blacksmithing, clothing, jewelry crafting and woodworking) which is trained by the Fighters Guild trainer and consumables crafting (alchemy, enchanting and provisioning), that you can learn from the Mages Guild trainer.

The quests themselves, similarly to the certification process, are really simple. You receive them at the Writ Boards. Their objectives are always pretty similar, you have to craft a certain item and bring it to the proper NPC and that’s it. The required items will vary based on your level in the adequate crafting skill line.

The rewards are actually really worthwhile, especially for quests that are so simple. They include materials, gold, experience, crafting inspiration (that can be used for leveling the crafting skills) as well as Survey Reports - special maps, which will show you locations where you will be able to gather some materials quicker.

To get some perspective on how valuable those rewards are, it’s important to note that numerous players have multiple alternative characters, devoted entirely to crafting, only for the possibility of completing Crafting Writs and getting the rewards multiple times in one day. It’s just another example of ZeniMax trying to encourage players to take part in lots of daily content, by making it very rewarding.

Selling Consumables

Much like how those that invest a lot of time, effort and money into researching all of the traits (to craft gear!) and learning all of the styles (to complete master writs!) are rewarded, players that invest in learning all sorts of different recipes for foods and drinks will also find that their efforts are very much worthwhile. This is largely because of the fact that it is a far more rare occurrence for a player to be skilled enough to procure these items than it is for a player to not have the necessary skill or requirements to do so.

There are plenty of consumables that are an absolute necessity for daily gameplay, such as Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl for pve magicka dps players, or Artaeum Takeaway Broth for stamina pvpers. There are also experience-boosting drinks that are a must-have for players looking to level up a new toon as quickly as possible. And I can’t forget to mention the new war torte consumables that are also a desirable commodity for anyone looking to level up their alliance war skill lines while participating in the least amount of pvp possible!

In order to craft any of the aforementioned items, one must first have read the recipe for them. These recipes are often pricey, and often require that you have your provisioning skill line completely levelled as well as your recipe Improvement maxed out.

By learning a multitude of recipes, you can put the materials that you collect from doing daily writs and/or daily quests in ESO to use, as opposed to just selling them. You will find that you will get more bang for your buck if you use your materials to craft a consumable to then sell on the market as opposed to merely listing those same materials.

Crafting Furniture

Housing is the true endgame in ESO. I'm not lying! While the crown store does offer a lot of furnishing options, the prices for these items are lucrative. Players instead resort to buying these same furnishings (and others that are not on the crown store!) from guild traders instead.

If you have the necessary skill lines and passives needed to craft furnishings, I’d highly recommend doing so, especially any new furnishings that pertain to the newest DLC or chapter, as those furnishings are going to be the most in demand.

Purchasing and crafting the gold furnishing plans (as seen above, in the “master writ” section) is also a great way to make gold! I find that, especially upon their initial release, crafting and selling these gold furnishings are among one of the more profitable crafting endeavors in the game.

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