Dwek Capital - Key Investment Considerations

Dwek Capital is a private equity firm based in Toronto, Canada.


Dwek Capital is a private equity firm based in Toronto, Canada. Dwek Capital invest, buy and sell businesses in Dental, Digital and Mining industries. 

Dwek Capital experts are ready to work with a wide spectrum of businesses irrespective of size, caliber and growth stage. Dwek Capital is dedicated to providing quality financial services to companies, management groups, shareholders and other stakeholders across Canada.


Key investment considerations for Dwek Capital include:


  • Identifying robust projects with strong fundamentals that meet our in-house commodity macro themes.
  • Quality incumbent management who are passionate and focussed on their projects.
  • Maximizing the amount of capital invested ‘in the ground’.
  • Having opportunities to work with incumbent management to add value to projects by leveraging the Dwek Capital team’s decades of mining and metals experience, and the global/multi-commodity network that sits behind it.
  • Dwek Capital’s typical investment ranges from $3 to $50 million. Dwek Capital can increase investment size by leveraging its active co-investment program. In addition, Dwek Capital is able to leverage its own global network of capital providers and in certain circumstances may lead a consortium investing higher amounts.


Dwek Capital helps to the company or business regarding optimal alternatives and offers comprehensive and industry-specific financial services.        

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